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Adventure With Companions

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Adventure With Companions is a 3d game about building things with your friends. Inspired by games like Minecraft and Infiniminer. This sandbox game has online multiplayer and requires an internet connection. There are many types of blocks and multiple skins to choose from. This game also includes chat. Explore the world with your friends to find new buildings and cool stuff other people built.Have fun and create whatever you can imagine. Playable on phones and tablets.Features:block buildingpvepvp (watch out for trollers)multiplayer with 100s of players (mmo, two player, coop)explorationmining and digginglife simulationcreativechat
Free upcoming updates include: new blocks new skinsday and nightsurvivalcraftingfirst person shooting (fps) using bow and arrowsclaimed landrpg elements (mmorpg)